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Events & Happenings

Some of our major Past & Upcoming Events include

Local Events

Regional / International Events

Highlights of the First Conference on VAITOS in Mauritius organised by IES.

First Conference on Virtual Assets & Initial Token Offerings Services in Mauritius organised by IES.

The keynote speech was given by FSC Chairman Mr. Mardayah Kona Yerukunondu. The High-Level Panel Speakers were from FSC, EDB, Ministry of Information Technology, Communication & Innovation, Mauritius Bankers Association, Banks, Management Companies, Cyber Security, and Compliance Experts. We also had Blockchain, Cryptos, and NFT professionals from Industry.

Business Meeting

Hospitality and Tourism is a booming industry. To be successful, rising professionals in this industry must grow a set of key skills and competencies that will set them apart from the crowd, and bring extraordinary value to their organisations. 

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Business Meeting

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