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Company Profile

Based in Mauritius, IES is an advisory, capacity building, and consulting company with the ability to design and tailor innovative solutions for the local, regional and international markets. We are a professional team focusing on Innovation and Excellence for long-term sustainability and our endeavour is to build bridges between Africa, Asia, and the World.

We work in close collaboration with our clients and stakeholders to enable them to develop and adopt best practices for enhanced efficiency, competitiveness, and productivity.

Our Corporate Philosophy

IES's corporate philosophy is anchored on its core values with a strong sense of determination to fulfill its mission of accompanying institutions and companies in their journey to achieve excellence, competitive edge, and sustainability.



To empower people and organisations through a culture of Innovation, Excellence and Good Governance for Sustainable Growth.



  • ​To support organisations and companies in their strategic transformation process.

  • To assist organisations and companies in enhancing their competitiveness through the implementation of innovative best practices.

  • To leverage on human capital development as a key competitive advantage.

  • To nurture a culture of professional conduct and work ethics through good governance.



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Business Model

Our Business Model

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A business model for sustainability helps to describe, analyse, manage, and communicate;

(i) a company’s sustainable value proposition to its customers, and all other stakeholders,

(ii) how it creates and delivers this value,


(iii) and how it captures economic value while

maintaining or regenerating natural, social,

and economic capital beyond its organisational


Extending the conventional view of a business model designed around a value proposition for customers, we acknowledge that no sustainable value can be created for customers without creating value for a broader range of stakeholders.


The Core of our success - our people

Acknowledging that our exceptional and dedicated team contributes largely as a core pillar, partaking to the success of our company. 

Hereby, we exalt an immense sense of pride, heartfelt gratitude, and appreciation towards our devoted, faithful, and enthusiastic team members 'The Core Team', for not only being the stalwart of our company but also for creating this dynamic and optimistic sphere of working together as a true team. 

Driven by a strong sense of commitment, hard work, passion, and consistency in achieving a common goal, our Core Team's synergy keeps the momentum of always striving to better serve our clients and society at large. 


Our positioning

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We work with our clients to assist them in:

Crafting powerful Employee Value Propositions in order to attract, develop and retain the best talent, transforming their companies into High-Performance organisations, becoming Employers of Choice.

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At the national level, we endeavour to create a performance culture with a focus on values, principles, and ethics in order to ensure the sustainability of companies/businesses.

We conduct research in order to encourage the adoption of best practices.

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We are present in the region and we focus our efforts on sharing experiences and expertise with the neighbouring countries. We also leverage our ability to learn from others and thus create unique solutions for our region.

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We are in strategic alliances with Internationally well-reputed organisations in order to leverage their expertise.

We have a pool of international Consultants and Facilitators to complement our local pool of experts.

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